Element: Air

Strength: Friendship, Originality

Contrast: Rebellion, Outsider

Material: 100% quality cotton canvas, acryl colours

Work: Hand painted painting

Size: Ø 60 cm

Availability: within 10 days after ordering from you

12,000 Kč


Birth: (20.1.) 22.1. - 17.2. (19.2.)

People born under the sign of Aquarius are influenced by two planets with different characters. Saturn gives them calmness, concentration and perseverance, while Uranus gives them restlessness, originality and irascibility. These qualities are rarely found separately in them, but are contained in their nature in a balanced mixture.

These people have a very strong will, which they replace from time to time with a reckless act, because they set themselves often very demanding tasks and it seems below their level to consult about procedures. But they are by no means inflexible and never insist that situations develop according to their wishes. Nitro Aquarians are delicate and fragile and try to avoid conflict if they can. In essence, they are philanthropists who are interested in social issues and try to find and find solutions to various injustices.

They love nature and try to uncover the secrets of its laws and are tireless in solving the problems they set for themselves. Tolerance, kindness and tolerance belong to these people, and therefore they can be self-sacrificing and compassionate friends, and their desire is to get something of this from their surroundings for themselves. These people are full of incredible ideas, they know how to think systematically, but they are usually far ahead of what people are used to and so they experience frequent misunderstandings and disappointments, but they are cured by a new, also original idea, so that history can repeat itself . They are dreamers who deserve an understanding environment and its abundant help, because their ideas are driven by deep idealism and the desire to improve the whole world and something in the neighborhood.

Aquarius pays as the one who sets things in motion, removes obstacles and frees from distress. He has a great imagination and intuition, which allows him to recognize hidden connections and see "behind the corner", but he rarely confides his, often unpleasant, findings.

Aquarians hate restrictions on their freedom, they suffer in small spaces without a wide view and without the possibility of free movement. They don't stay long in one place, and as soon as they reach somewhere, they already think about returning, but they don't force anyone to share their restlessness with them.