Element: Fire

Strength: Courage, Organizational skills

Contrast: Pride, Egocentrism

Material: 100% quality cotton canvas, acryl colours

Work: Hand painted painting

Size: Ø 60 cm

Availability: within 10 days after ordering from you

12,000 Kč


Birth: (22.7.) 24.7. - 21.8. (24.8.)

The sign of Leo gives people born under it healthy self-confidence and natural authority. They have the will to rule and dominate others, but their demeanor is generous and friendly. As a rule, these people have no doubts about themselves, because they believe in their work and moral qualities and trustfully judge their counterparts. They are proud people and they respect the pride of their fellow citizens, with whom they are popular for their directness and openness. There is chivalry and innate tact in their nature. In the presence of these people, everyone feels comfortable and no one minds submitting to their leadership and decisions, because these people exude a calm superiority and never resort to trivialities.

People born under this sign like wealth and a good standard of living, but even in worse material conditions they do not lose their self-confidence and do not let those around them know that they need help or sympathy by their appearance or behavior.

The princely sign of Leo makes these people, no matter what social category they belong to, radiate natural elegance even if they are forced to walk in rags. It lies in their walk, in their posture, but mainly in their classy demeanor.

If their Sun is badly irradiated by other planets, it can happen that their pride turns into pride and their authority into arrogance. Then it happens that they assert their will at the expense of others and apply it not only in a "lion's" way directly, but also by malicious subterfuge and proceed in this way until they achieve what they want. Leos always choose the shortest path to the goal and are equipped with great determination for this. They do best in independent professions, where they exercise their independence, but the business sphere is also not foreign to their mentality, because they have great courage and joy in taking risks. Lions, like all felines, have the gift of quick reactions and prove themselves in confusing situations, in which they can use their infallible instinct and perception.

These people are successful in any profession in which their level of behavior, intelligence, tact and self-confidence are applied. Although they are capable of performing any job at any level, they are unsurpassed in the role of diplomat or politician.