Element: Air

Strength: Diplomacy

Contrast: Indecision

Material: 100% quality cotton canvas, acryl colours

Work: Hand painted painting

Size: Ø 60 cm

Availability: within 10 days after ordering from you

12,000 Kč


Birth: (22.9.) 25.9. - 22.10. (24.10.)

Perhaps to make the name of their sign happy, people born under the sign of Libra are mostly prudent, balanced and harmonious. In any case, before they dare, they deliberate. It is possible that a more impetuous individual can be found in their midst, but this is a rare exception indeed. These people are sincere, honest and decent and least of all tolerate noisy, blunt or vulgar actions and behavior. People born under this sign show a strong aesthetic sense along with artistic talent and it is indifferent to which of the fields of artistic activity they choose; they will benefit everyone. If they are not directly active artists, they will show their taste in everything they do. They are clever, diligent, intelligent and enterprising people.

These people are very pleasant to deal with, and even if they sometimes take time to make decisions, they throw themselves into work with enthusiasm if they find it an interesting and profitable task. Their demands are quite high, because they know the value of their work, they ask for the right valuation.

These people seem firm and decisive, but behind the mask of stability they hide their inner insecurities. They are not moody or insincere, but they can succumb to doubts, either their own or those they have had others suggest to them. In such cases they are unreliable, but no malicious intent can be attributed to them. Despite their inner insecurities to the point of anger, they are people with an immense sense of justice and in this respect they are rock solid. However insecure they are about themselves, they can evaluate others accurately, correctly and with understanding. They consider it their duty to smooth the edges of different opinions, to moderate differences and to prevent injustice. In every social group, people born under this sign are very popular, because they are able to settle any dispute non-violently and thereby bond people together for work and fun. They set the tone with their demeanor and tasteful clothing, and everyone around them becomes ashamed of their own shortcomings and carelessness, which they cut out for next time.

In the role of superiors, they behave democratically and require cooperation rather than subordination. Their calmness, balance and fairness show that coexistence is possible on the level and their quirky sense of humor gives the level the right spice.