Element: Water

Strength: Sacrifice, Commitment

Contrast: Influenced, Escape from the world

Material: 100 quality cotton canvas, acryl colours

Work: Hand painted painting

Size: Ø 60 cm

Availability: within 10 days after ordering from you

12,000 Kč


Birth: (18.2.) 20.2. - 19.3. (21.3.)

People born under the sign of Pisces, like those born under Aquarius, are exposed to the influence of two planets, namely Jupiter, which gives them a sense of justice, social feelings and a willingness to help others, and Neptune, which on the one hand helps them and on the other hand complicates their lives a little . His imagination, creative fantasy and emotional delicacy, but also hypersensitivity, dreaminess that leads to passivity, indecisiveness and excessive receptivity.

These people tend to be very shy and, especially at a young age, have insurmountable inhibitions in interacting with people and even with children of the same age. It is often a problem for them to go shopping, ask strangers for directions, or arrange something at the office, even if it is just the post office.

People born under the sign of Pisces retain many inhibitions until late in life, although in time circumstances force them to develop normal habits and get rid of unnecessary fear. For many of them, these qualities sometimes form a kind of deliberate coquetry, because they have managed to notice during their lives that their reticence and shyness are kindly accepted by people and that they easily achieve what they want with just this non-assertiveness.

The sign of Pisces creates people dependent on their home environment, where they only feel safe, where they have their inhabited corners, where they dream of incredible adventures and their roles as heroes in them.

People born under this sign need a profession that suits their nature. Then they are extremely industrious and successful, but they will be careful not to cut corners in their demands for comfort and the time they need for their dreams.

They have incredible imagination and the ability to empathize with other people, which is why there are many writers and poets among them, but also actors and artists who benefit from the wealth of their inner values.

People born in Pisces are shy, dedicated and self-sacrificing among people, but this is also their special strength; their opponents give up the fight feeling embarrassed.

They are impressionable people and the wrong environment could use their incredible imagination for subtle deceptions. Neptune is also the planet of deceit, deception and lies. But it is more common that it works against them and creates mistrust of the world in them.