Element: Water

Strength: Tenacity, Staying power

Contrast: Fanaticism

Material: 100% quality cotton canvas, acryl colours

Work: Hand painted painting

Size: Ø 60 cm

Availability: within 10 days after ordering from you

12,000 Kč


Birth: (23.10.) 25.10.- 21.11. (23.11.)

People born under the sign of Scorpio have very clear thinking, sharp judgment and accurate estimation of the situation. Not only do they have a good memory, but they also have active creative thinking that is characterized by originality. There is great stubbornness in them if they defend the opinions they have arrived at and it follows from their justified self-confidence.

They are people of strange extremes. They can be extremely kind and self-sacrificing to their friends, but if they take a negative view of someone, they are covertly or overtly cruel to them. Their reaction can rarely be predicted in advance, and it is possible that they themselves do not know it in advance. The good they can do on the one hand is limitless, but in anger they are just as consistent and even relentless. They are extremely inquisitive to the point of curiosity, and if someone is interested, they will spare no effort to find out what they need. They mainly want to have people of the same mental maturity under their control, not only so that they can correctly navigate the competition, but also because this is their special hobby.

They are people who crave recognition of their qualities and it is surprising that these very smart individuals make friends with people who are on a much lower level mentally than they are. It lies in the fact that they like to be admired. Ancient astrologers credit them with genius, but less ability to put their original ideas into action. It is said that they must be driven by a very negative force, or a desire to surpass someone.

Scorpios are very charming companions who know how to lavish ideas and put their stamp on any company. They are attractive personalities who spare no effort or expense to ensure that the people they love have a good time.

They are strong personalities who can masterfully mask their feelings, and their partners will never know about their jealousy, just like their colleagues about envy. These people often experience torturous states of mind and no one around has a clue about it.

They are individuals created for leadership positions, where although they will be demanding bosses, they will be very popular with subordinates. The planet Mars, which rules their sign, gives them not only combativeness, but mainly a talent for medicine and especially for surgery, for which they have all the prerequisites and an inner strength that will heal everyone.